‘LEILA – towards a muLtilingual European platform for judIciaL Auctions’ (LEILA) is an EU-funded project in the judicial auctions’ domain. It is focused on providing a pilot official multilingual platform for judicial auctions taking place in more than one EU Member State, where information about goods to be sold at judicial auctions is reported together with the related regulations.

The platform is to be initially integrated with seven Member States’ judicial auctions’ national information systems (Italy, Latvia, Croatia, Portugal, France, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic) to retrieve the judicial auctions’ data in an automated way, while providing for manual upload and update of information where such information systems don’t exist. Such integration guarantees that information would be kept up-to-date and trustworthy, while providing a simple and intuitive graphic user-friendly interface facilitating complex searches and enabling users to compare the search results in a selected language.

Various stakeholders’ groups shall be actively involved in all stages of foreseeing the design, the development, implementation and testing the functionalities, to ensure that the platform will live up to meet all their needs and specific requirements.

The multilingual platform is a step forward towards increasing the competitiveness and effectiveness of judicial auctions on EU level, widening users’ base and number of potential participants, achieving faster conclusion of the sale process, and reducing non-performing loans ratio. It develops a “one-stop-shop” EU marketplace and lays the grounds to an efficient pan-European multilingual platform for online auctioning, potentially open to all kinds of auctions.

LEILA also seeks to ensure long-term development potential of the platform, in both horizontal and vertical aspect, by ensuring that it could be further enriched with more complex functionalities, and that Member States not initially participating will be able to easily join the platform on later stage.

For more details, check the work plan section.